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Enhancing reality

About Us

800 Pines is an Artificial Intelligence lab where we design and implement AI models, applications, and solutions. With a commitment to impeccable quality and an advanced ethical framework, our top-tier team is developing products for all types of individuals.

Core Values and DNA

At 800 Pines, we're more than just an Artificial Intelligence lab. We're a dedicated team of innovators, committed to creating impeccable AI services and solutions. Our passion for innovation and sophisticated ethical approach has propelled us forward in designing and implementing AI models and applications suitable for every type of user. We believe in the power of AI to shape the future, and we're committed to making that future accessible to all."


At the heart of 800 Pines lies our unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and ethics. We are not just creating AI solutions, we are revolutionizing the way people interact with technology. Our DNA is characterized by our relentless pursuit of perfection, a deep understanding of AI's potential, and a strong ethical backbone. Our values guide us to create AI solutions that not only solve complex problems but also uphold the highest standards of data security and user privacy. We are 800 Pines, where innovation meets ethics.

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